Free Daily Weather Forecast
and Agro Advisories

We provide current and forecast meteorological information for optimum operation of weather-sensitive activities like agriculture, irrigation with the help of India Weather Portal by India Meteorological DepartmentTop of FormBottom of Form

Free Soil Health and Analysis &
Fertilizer Guide

We Provide all the basic information and general rules on fertilizing crops correctly. We guide farmers about which fertilizers suit them best and how much they need.

Free Guidance and
Information on Seeds

We share information about quality seeds in efforts to improve prosperity of farmers.

Free Guidance on
Farm Mechanizations

We guide farmers to buy matching equipment for tractors, power tillers and other prime movers Farmers make inappropriate selection in the absence of proper guidance, resulting in fuel wastage and high cost of production.

Free Guidance on
Agriculture Finance Schemes

We Guide farmers in the subject of various Agriculture loan programmers of Government and banks which includes purpose of the loan, cost of the scheme, credit requirements, procedural formalities in getting agricultural finance . In addition to that we provide Financial Assistance for procurement of tractors and other Farm equipment. as well.

Free Market Updates and
Trends in Agriculture

We provide updates on Price Control ; Market Trends , Market Breakup by Sector , Market Forecast, Insight on Various Subsectors ,and Current Market Trends

Connect to Agri
Experts Facility

The phone never stopped ringing at VL & SONS because we provide a special phone-in program in collaboration with the Department of Agriculture, Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK). Farmers require real-time information and advisories to overcome issues, constraints and problems on a regular basis. Now, it is not possible for farmers to visit the agriculture department and KVKs and other sources to get relevant and often critical information particularly in this situation. While farmers get information from several sources, they are unsure about their validity and reliability.