About us

VL & SONS AGRO FOOD PRODUCER COMPANY LIMITED is a Farmer producer Organisation registered under Companies Act, 2013.

The company is formed by group of farmers coming together to deliver their produce directly to consumers in India and Across the globe with value addition.

VL & SONS is giant scale exporter of Agricultural products. Right from sowing seeds to the packing and dispatch, the products are closely monitored by directors of company to ensure that you receive exceptional quality products.

We are known for our products and premium quality that we offer for reasonable price. Our Manufacturing units are centrally established and the premised are well maintained following all food safety standards. We are well connected with national highway and are easily accessible from all parts of india.

To Ensure the quality benchmarks we pay special heed to our packaging unit, which is fully sterilized and is maintained with airtight operation to protect product’s freshness and preserves it for longer run.

We pursue never ending relationship with our valued customers and stakeholders.

We have built a market name for ourselves with years of perseverance and hard work. This brand value keeps us motivated and encourages us to deliver good and honest work for the years to come. There are more to our journey that keeps us super enthusiastic about our venture as we inspires confidence in the growth story of Rural Indian Farmers,

Our History

The concept of VL & Sons Agro Producer Company was introduced by Mr. Vilas Laxman Patil and made a reality with the help of his family. Mr. Vilas Patil is a visionary, studious and nature loving person from Undale- taluka Karad village.

Mr. Vilas Patil’s farming family has successfully carried out various experiments in agriculture for the last several decades in the face of many problems facing the farming community such as erratic weather, lack of irrigation, high cost of production and waning profit.

But over the years, the adulteration of food grains, use of chemicals in the market, even with natural agricultural products, have been unsettling to him, Mr. Vilas Patil was equally pained by the fact that farmers relying on natural techniques were not getting importance by agro producers. It is when he decided to turn to the agro-processing industry to change this situation and bring natural agricultural products directly to consumers. Today, this farmers’ company is coming to prominence with the support of the Government of India’s Farmers Producers Company Scheme.

Beyond satisfying variety of needs of customer Mr. Vilas Patil and his family are tirelessly working on uplifting the farmer community by making them self-reliant (आत्मनिर्भर).

Our Mission

VL & Sons Agro Producer will work passionately to overcome the crisis in the farming community, improve their economic situation, change their outlook on agriculture and strive for a healthy and prosperous society. Our Mission is to fulfill this by uniting the efforts, skills, and knowledge of farmers for producing naturally grown nutritious products satisfying the needs of Indian and global customers.  

Our Vision

VL & Sons Agro Producer Company envisions to reach every household in global market with our naturally grown agricultural products. We are devoted towards holistic development of local farmer community and  We are committed to earn respect and trust from our customers for quality and purity of our product.